Pure™ features a concentrated blend of marine phytoplankton in a Deep Blue Mineral Base of 92 ionic minerals and trace elements.

Considered nature’s “superfood”, marine phytoplankton is a whole food source that naturally contains a full spectrum of amino acids, trace minerals, vitamins, enzymes, micronutrients, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.


Our Deep Blue Mineral Base is sourced from nutrient-rich ocean water that has had the salt removed, which offers an array of trace elements that are essential to life, including:

  • Boron
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Chromium
  • Molybdenum
  • Selenium
  • Manganese
  • Nickel
  • Carbonate
  • Bromide
  • Iodine
  • Gadolinium
  • Samarium
  • Europium
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Lithium
  • Silicon
  • Rubidium
  • Scandium
  • Phosphorus
  • Strontium
  • Cobalt
  • Titanium
  • Lanthanum
  • Cerium
  • Barium
  • Yttrium
  • Bismuth
  • Ytterbium
  • Erbium
  • Sodium
  • Tin
  • Gallium
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Cesium
  • Beryllium
  • Vanadium
  • Dysprosium
  • Holmium
  • Terbium
  • Praseodymium
  • Lutetium
  • Neodymium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Sulfate
  • And more!

Benefits of Pure Nutrition

  • Supports cognitive function and mental alertness
  • Supports heart health
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Promotes better sleep quality
  • Helps decrease inflammation
  • Supports liver health
  • Improves look and feel of skin
  • Contributes to healthy vision
  • Supports healthy joints
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Improves mood and healthy sense of wellbeing
  • Increases energy
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Enhances circulation



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Your health is not a trend. It’s as timeless as they sky is blue! In a world of manmade foods that have been chemically-altered, genetically-modified and loaded with preservatives, edifying our bodies with whole-food nutrition is increasingly important.

Considered nature’s “superfood”, marine phytoplankton is a whole food source that naturally contains a full spectrum of amino acids, trace minerals, vitamins, enzymes, micronutrients, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. It’s no secret that nutrients work best in combination with each other, and FrequenSea with marine phytoplankton offers the best combination available to man.


Pure features “open cell” marine phytoplankton. Since the human body lacks the enzyme required to break down the silica shell that naturally encases marine phytoplankton, the nutrients from most marine phytoplankton products are never absorbed. By contrast, marine phytoplankton offered exclusively from ForeverGreen has been harvested using patented technology that removes this shell without the use of heat, freezing, or chemicals, allowing the body to utilize each and every nutrient.

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