ForeverGreen is proud to set the new health standard with CareWear™.

This wearable technology offers sophisticated motion sensors in conjunction with ForeverGreen nutraceuticals that provide you with a personal Health Dashboard for a Total Health Experience.


CareWear is not merely designed for you to be spectator of your vital signs, but rather provide empowering indicators for you to make conscious, daily, lifestyle choices.

A Nobel Prize research inspired the creation of this cardio health, performance, libido and stamina product: Pulse-8

Take full advantage of CareWear today with monitoring from the free GoHeart app for iOS and Android.

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In the Spring of 2018, the personalized MyCareWear app is being launched to broaden your Total
Health Experience with the timeless principles of health<

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Keeping track of your fitness and daily activity can tell you a lot about your daily habits. It can help you understand if you are getting enough activity during the day, tell you what your heart rate is, and so much more. It can be a great way to change your habits and live your healthiest lifestyle possible.

Now there is a fitness tracker that can help you focus on your body and overall health, and may help you track everything with one simple device.

Today we will be discussing a product called the ForeverGreen CareWear. We will be reviewing this product and helping you determine if it is the right one for you to try.


ForeverGreen CareWear is a device worn on the wrist that will help track multiple aspects of your health and fitness.


How Does the ForeverGreen CareWear Works?

ForeverGreen CareWear works with small motion sensors that report real time stats, connects to an app so you can track these stats, and helps you keep up a personal dashboard to see progress with this information. It is a great way to tell the kind of shape you may be in, as well as get real time results about your activity for the day.

Other benefits of the Care Wear Fitness Tracker include:

  • Has LED lights to light up the small screen on the device
  • All of the information that it provides is real time on the dashboard. You can check how you are doing at any time of day
  • Monitors steps, distance, ECG, blood pressure, heart rate, vital signs, sleep patterns, and more. It is a great way to have a baseline of your vitals so you know when something is wrong.
  • Has an adjustable wrist band
  • Also tells the tie and date
  • Can sync with your phone or computer through Bluetooth
  • Comes with a charging cable that Is a USB
  • You can shake this device to have it take pictures of your fitness journey to upload to an album
  • Wrist band is made of hypoallergenic silicon rubber to prevent skin irritation and rashes



This tracker can benefit you by providing you with a whole health tracking system. It may be able to help you lose weight faster by giving you a personalized view of how your body is doing at any given time. It can also help tell you if your fitness plans are working or not, and if they are enough to get you where you need to be.


Who Makes The Care Wear Fitness Tracker?

The Care Wear Fitness Tracker is made by a company called Forever Green. Forever Green sells their products through representatives and online.


CareWear – Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CareWear different from other wearable technology on the market?

It is the first of its kind to complete a circle of Nature – Science – Products – Education – Technology for a total health experience.

What material is used in CareWear’s wristband?

Hypoallergenic silicon rubber is the material used for the wristband for its durability and prevention of skin irritation or rashes.

Legal Disclaimer
CareWear is a measurement tool designed for self-healthcare purposes only. All measurements should be considered as ambulatory measurements. Accuracy may vary significantly and measurements are not designed or intended to substitute professional medical advice, clinical assessment or medical measurement. In case of concern, inconsistency or measurement abnormalities or if you develop skin irritation or any negative effects, stop use immediately and consult your medical professional.

Safety Information: Not to be worn by anyone wearing any medical electrical implant device.

Medical Warning: This product is NOT being sold as a medical device or to replace professionally prescribed medical treatment. Consult your doctor before use. DO NOT USE IF YOUR DOCTOR HAS ADVISED YOU NOT TO WEAR ANY ELECTRICAL DEVICES.



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