Peter Kusyn – Slovakia

“For the last 3 years, I have stayed in bed a lot. When I started using Prodigy-5, I immediately felt improvement. My life is now much better. Thank You ForeverGreen.”


Uwe Jolli – Germany

“The First Taste Prodigy 5!!! It’s a Great experience…with the Friends…”


Jim Reynolds – United States

“Overall the feeling of great energy is awesome but now I am sleeping better than I ever have. Deep REM sleep”


Tatjana Siegenthaler – Switzerland

“I feel more concentration, I’m focused on my work and feel full of energy. Thank you for giving P-5 in this world full of stress and unhappy people, with P-5 we have the chance to make one step after the other into a wonderful future.”


Rick Rock – Canada

“I have been taking Prodigy-5 for little over a month now…and I sure feel that extra boost of energy and sense of well-being I am getting during the day. It reminds me how exciting life can feel, although it’s mid-Winter time of the year when many around me are depressed and not productive…they can’t wait for the day to pass. Well… I’m looking for more hours in the day to get more done!”


Daphne Galili – Israel

“I had one shot and the sand in my eyes disappeared / an eye opener.
feeling energy like never before.”


Moon Loh – Singapore

“Over the last few months, I had been feeling tired easily and my vision was getting more blur and fuzzy, especially in the evenings. I started taking Prodigy-5 on Jan 8, 2017. For the first 3 days, I drank Prodigy-5 twice a day, once in the mornings and the evenings. From the 4th day, I drank it once a day in the mornings. On the 6th day, I felt my general tiredness disappeared and I felt a lot more energetic. Additionally, my vision became a lot clearer and brighter, especially in the evenings. I believe continuous consumption of Prodigy-5 will bring me better results!”


Francois Rodier – Guadeloupe

“Je voulais dire que le Prodigy-5 est super je retrouve petit a petit la memoire et ma mere aussi sante generale au top 5”
“I wanted to say that Prodigy-5 is great. I found little by little better memory and my mother’s general health also has improved above a 5.”


Gaele Wilkie

“I am 75 years young and have found that I do not have as much “spark” as I used to, and that I was napping more this last while. Well, about 3 weeks ago I received my first Prodigy-5 shipment and after daily doses of this wonderful product, I have more energy, I am not as tired as before. I was even able to go and break a thick covering of ice from my driveway and that of my cousin’s as well. People tell me how great I look. I am so happy to have this wonderful addition to our Forever Green company. Thanks to our doctors and to our ForeverGreen executives who have the vision and integrity to produce greatness.”


Mark Boothe – Bermuda

“My family and I have been using Prodigy-5 for about 2 weeks now. The most immediate effect that we have noticed is our energy levels. I am really excited about the long-term effects as I know there is nothing but amazing ingredients in this revolutionary product!”


Claudine Pessina – France

“I was working on my computer and I took a break to take my first Prodigy-5. I drank it and went back to my computer and surprise, the clarity was much improved.”


Marian Roper – Canada

“After about a week of using Prodigy-5, I noticed an improvement with my gums. I have had years of troubles, and now they are their least evident ever. Additionally, I doubled my Prodigy-5 use when I’ve had a cold or flu, and I felt much better quicker. I’m impressed Doctors Adam, and Bali!!! Thank you.”


Gerhard Lipp – Bermuda

“I have been taking Prodigy-5 for over 2 weeks now and I cannot believe how it has changed my energy and focus. Also, my mood has improved and I feel much happier. I have given samples to my friends and guess what? They all take it. Thank you, thank you this product. We can change the world.”


Dianne Hoffman – United States

“Prodigy-5 has improved the look and feel of my skin. I had red blotches, bumps and scaly skin.”


Maggie Laprade – Canada

“My husband and I truly enjoy the ease of mixing/taking the product (I discovered that using my little milk-frother, I can swirl this tasty formula into a suspension that we gladly take each day!) Just one week into having the Prodigy-5, we took a 2 1/2-hour train trip, during which we were in a four-seater face-to-face configuration, with a lovely couple who were on the final leg of a return trip home to attend a family funeral. The downside was that they were both very ill – coughing, sneezing and clearly fevered! To spend this much time exposed directly to them in a closed environment, one would almost expect to contract this as well. Neither one of us even got a sniffle!! Absolutely convinced our bodies and immune systems were in a much stronger state due to the Prodigy-5. So grateful to Doctors Ambati and Saucedo for developing such an amazing product, and to ForeverGreen for delivering it to all!!”


Hildegard Leiding – Germany

“I had whitish skin marks on my elbow. With Prodigy-5 my skin issues have cleared up completely.”


Adetutu Balogun – Nigeria

“I feel energized!”


Don Middlebrook – United States

“Martha and I have not missed a day of Prodigy-5 and feel the extra energy in a few minutes and the taste is extra, extra good. The raspberry flavor makes it go down easy! We even take it with KetonX every other day and it makes the orange KetonX extra smooth! Thanks for another Home Run!!!”


Chrisna Muller – Cyprus

“I have been using the Prodigy-5 now for three weeks and my stomach doesn’t seem so bloated. I also feel more calm and energetic. Absolutely amazing product”


Kevin O’Connor – United States

“I have been using Prodigy-5 for several weeks now. Most of the time I put a portion of the powder on my tongue and let it begin to dissolve in my mouth. This way it has an even greater impact. My experience has been improved energy, mental clarity, and stamina. I frequently take it along with Pulse- 8. I can tell you without a doubt, at 64, this combo prevents any need for other libido options.”


Christian Vanoeteghem – France

Hello, I’ve using 2 pouches per day of Prodigy-5 usually in the morning and in the middle of the day and I have more energy! I noticed that I do not feel tired at the end of the day and that I sleep more deeply even when I wake up one hour earlier than usual.


John Ponting – United States

“I have suffered for the better part of my life with dry or flaky skin conditions on my ankles and calves. Over the years I’ve tried creams and pills, changed laundry soaps, socks, diet, sheets, etc. At times there was brief relief. I am beyond excited to share with you that I have been taking our new product Prodigy-5 for a total of 3 weeks straight and am here to report that the issues have disappeared from both my legs. I truly feel this incredible product has helped my body with the nutrients that I was not absorbing.”


Catou Catherine Bretaudiere – France

It’s been 20 days since we (my husband and I) have been taking Prodigy-5 and we both realized we were definitely feeling better. I walked for two hours, climbed up an exceedingly steep slope, that I could not have done before Christmas, and I feel much better digestion. My husband, who participates in weekly sports feels heathier too.


Deconfin Lucilia – France

“My 80-year-old mother suffers poor eyesight (she only distinguishes shadows). I made her take Prodigy-5, and 10 days later and her vision is improving. Needless to say, it is a very great triumph for humanity.”


Patrick Picard – France

“My grandson is 2 years old and has suffered with stomach issues regularly. Now with Prodigy-5 he no longer has issues. He is more fit and sleeps better at night. My little son and I say a big thank you for having found this wonderful product Prodigy-5.”


Valdimiro de Paulo – Brazil

“My 13-year-old daughter has been suffering from skin issues and headaches. Over the past few years, we have searched out many alternative remedies and therapies, some help, but most did nothing. She started taking Prodigy-5 only 15 days ago and the health of her skin is improving! Anyone who has had skin issues knows this is huge. Also her headaches have been less frequent and now she doesn’t complain about them. Seriously 15 days?!?! … The thousands of dollars I’ve spent only to find out one product is all she needed. Prodigy-5 has changed our lives!”


Hitomi Ishikawa – Japan

“The first experience of Prodigy-5 was when I was at the Paris convention and I felt great. Because I have been abusing my eyes with the use of cell phones & the computer every day, I had some trouble seeing clearly. The event lasted all day long but I was able to focus and felt a lot of energy. I carry a water bottle with Prodidy-5 in it and drink it every day. I can wake up easier in the morning even in this cold weather. Thank you so much for providing a wonderful product to my family.”


Aviva Belfer – Israel

“I have just returned from 5 weeks in Australia. I’ve had Prodigy-5 every day since my return and I’ve experienced no signs of jetlag!! Loving it!!”


Olga Povarnitsina – United States

“I am very pleased with the results I have seen from using Prodigy-5. I was born in Siberia, and know from personal experience what Siberian Winters are like. Even in California my arms and legs get cold because they weren’t receiving the correct nutrients. After 5 or 6 days of using Prodigy-5 I noticed that during the cool California Winter evenings I didn’t need to use additional warm clothing. My arms and legs stay much warmer! This is a great product!”


Luisa Chakaeva – Russian Federation

“I tried Prodigy-5 for the first time with my husband. We really liked this amazing product! With Prodigy-5 I feel unbelievable amounts of energy and the positive effects can be felt throughout my entire body. Lately, I have been working from a computer a lot and the work would sometimes cause my eyes to hurt quite bad. I wasn’t able to look at the screen, the brightness would hurt my eyes, it was almost like having sand in my eyes. My eyesight got worse. After 3 days of using the product my vision was clearer. I had more energy and could go the whole day without getting tired and was able to accomplish more. In our world where people quite often find themselves stressed, Prodigy-5 provides general happiness that comes with being healthy! We are very thankful to the doctors who made this possible.”


Leger Annette – Martinique

“I’ve been using Prodigy-5 for a month and I am really delighted with this excellent product that gives me enormous energy. I am very active and since I’ve been using this very tasty product, my life has changed. I’m doing more tasks in a day and in the evening. I’m never without my Prodigy-5. I wish happiness and a long life at ForeverGreen. Thank you for all these products that do a lot of good.”


Mark Igbani – Nigeria

“Since my Prodigy-5 arrived in late December, I’ve been taking it every day, mostly first thing in the morning, but sometimes I have a second one in the evening, especially on hectic days. Between then and now, I’ve been ticking off my benefits….
- I enjoy Energy that lasts all day long and well into the night.
- I used to suffer from eye strain due to long hours of staring at the screen of my smartphone and my virtual office. Now I work more comfortably without squinting my eyes or blinking several times to refocus.
- Sleep at night is now more restful, and I wake up feeling more refreshed because there was less tossing and turning.
- I used to be “on edge” a lot due to the pressures of living and doing business in Lagos, a city of 20 million people and maddening traffic. Now it has reduced significantly; I’m calmer.
- I didn’t consider myself as someone having back stiffness, but some mornings I used to first sit on the edge of the bed and stretch hard to relieve the discomfort at my lower back before starting out. Now, it’s get up and go!”


Vivi Jolink – Netherlands

“I needed new glasses because my vision had deteriorated. Now, since the use of Prodigy-5 a few weeks, I don’t need a new pair of glasses. Also, my concentration increased a lot. All in all, I’m very happy with the results so far.”


Kirch Dominique – France

“Prodigy-5: 1st day: Energy. When I was recently ill within 48 hours no more symptoms. Happy Prodigy-5!”


Ruben Vidal – Chile

“Easy to use, effective and healthy. Thank you ForeverGreen.”


Antonio Sanchez – Spain

“At the end of January, a 68-year-old friend of mine was experiencing reduced vision. A week after taking Prodigy-5, he told me that his vision has improved.”


Huyen Trinh Cao Tran – Vietnam

“I’ve been very tired with too much work and stress, and my friend give me a pack of Prodigy-5. By the fourth day of using Prodigy-5 (two times a day), I feel so amazing. I feel my energy coming back and I feel I’m looking better. Many thanks ForeverGreen for giving us the best product. I love Prodigy-5 and I love ForeverGreen.”


Elke Baudraxler-Huber – Austria

“With two young children, my days are busy and long and the nights are very short. I started to drink Prodigy-5 in January and from the first day I feel I can handle difficult and/or busy situations with the kids way better! So, Prodigy 5 became an absolute “must-have” for my nerves, it also provides enough energy to handle everything in my life and all essential nutrients to stay healthy or to recover in no time!”


Sandra Frieden – Switzerland

“My teenage son Mike and I started taking a serving of Prodigy-5 every day four weeks ago. He’s noticed an increased level of concentration and more clarity. I am very happy about the results. “


Andreas Mauler – Germany

“Almost 15 years ago I got strange uneven skin tone on my legs, but only on my legs, but nowhere else on my body. I’ve taken Prodigy-5 now for about 4 weeks and the uneven tones are gone. In addition, I feel more alert, and fit. Everyone should drink Prodigy-5.”


Kirch Dominique – France

“Hello, I had an energy boost after a few hours of taking Prodigy-5. I’ve also had improvement in my vision. Happy Prodigy-5!”


Svetlana Zolina – Russian Federation

“With Prodigy-5, I’ve begun to have better vision. Where I can better read small print without glasses. I am very pleased with the result with my eyes. I have also had rough skin, but now I have a soft skin and it doesn’t peel. I can say that this is a super product and I am very grateful to the people who created this product and who introduced me to it.”


Gergana Doychinova – Bulgaria

“I’ve been drinking Prodigy-5 for 2 weeks. Usually I feel digestive discomfort. After consistently using Prodigy-5 I noticed that these symptoms had disappeared, and my metabolism seems improved. Prodigy-5 helps me be in a good mood, and makes me feel lively and fresh with increased concentration. It is perfect!”


Rubina Krestinski – Canada

“Love Prodigy-5! It is everything we need and tastes amazing with better absorption. It is also easy to take, simply add one packet in water. Additionally, it is easy to take on trips, with two packages of 28 and no bottles. My husband and I did not miss a day and we had enough packages to share with others as we met them and talked about what we were doing in restaurants. We felt nourished and eating the right foods to keep us on program – the best!! Never be without Prodigy-5.”


Ursula Wildi – Switzerland

“I’ve taken Prodigy-5 already for a month and I feel much fitter and more alert. Prodigy-5 generally does very well.”


Peter Meuris – Netherlands

“I’ve used Prodigy-5 for 3 weeks now and my energy has improved dramatically! I take it when I wake up – one glass of water with one sachet. It’s amazing what a healthy effect this has on my life! Thanks dear ForeverGreen.”


Kateri Flores – United States

“I have been consistently taking Prodigy-5 for 3 weeks. I work with 270 kids after school, with grades ranging from 1 to 8. I have more energy to play with them and a clear mind to help create curriculum for them to do after school. Thank you ForeverGreen, I will never be without Prodigy-5 you guys are the best!”


Hilde Daniel – Germany

“My eyesight has improved and I see better at night as the sensitivity. With Prodigy-5, I am also more awake and fell more fit than before.”


Joan Ebel – Canada

“Hello, I have been using Prodigy-5 for about two months and the way I describe it is… “I feel GOOD!” For the past year, I used SolarStrips and loved them. Then Prodigy-5 came along and I tried it and liked it. I even convinced my husband to try it! It provides the energy he needs to get through his busy day! I am feeling lots of energy and feel that my immune system has been boosted! I have been exposed to a lot of sickness, colds, and flu’s and so far have been able to ward them off! I look forward to taking my Prodigy-5 first thing in the morning every day! I am so grateful to have this wonderful product and thankful to my daughter and ForeverGreen for bringing it into my life!”


Mary Mwangwale – Uganda

“I recommend Prodigy-5 to everyone…it’s a wonderful all-in-one nutritional.”


Gabrielle Lauenstein – Spain

“For a month I’ve taken Prodigy-5. By my second day I noticed that my eyesight in the evening
was improving. Before Prodigy-5 it was difficult watching TV at night, because everything was blurry. But now everything is looking clear, I am very happy about it.”


Mária Csernyánszky – Slovak Republic

“Three weeks ago I started to drink Prodigy-5. Since then my vision has improved and things look crystal clear, hurray!”

Kacou Alain Joel – Ivory Coast

“The few samples of Prodigy-5 I have tried have really enhanced my health. This includes decreased fatigue and improved concentration. Prodigy-5 is a wonder and a treasure.”


Ekaterina Tashkinova – Russian Federation

“Prodigy-5 gave me an incredible opportunity to see the world better! I began to take Prodigy 5 and I feel my mood improved, and additional strength and energy, and in a few weeks I’ve realized my vision has improved! I continue to drink our tasty and healthy product, and share the results!”


Laurie Eccles – Canada

“I have been using Prodigy-5 for about 6 weeks. I find it so much easier to take the Prodigy-5 over a handful of vitamins. Definitely enjoy the ease of this product.”


Samantha King – Canada

“After a month of taking Prodigy-5, my friend said that things have been less overwhelming and she has an easier time managing her stress.”


Mary Spicer – United States

“First off, Prodigy-5 tastes great and I love the pomegranate/raspberry flavor and look forward to it every morning when I start my day. Prior to using Prodigy-5 I would have dips in my energy in the afternoon and evening. I’ve noticed that since the very first day I’ve experienced consistent energy and mental clarity that lasts throughout the day. When I’m out for a walk, sometimes I actually feel like I want to run! If I’m walking up a steep incline, I feel like my stamina has increased, I don’t feel winded and it’s easy to maintain a strong steady pace. And lastly, my sleep has improved. I fall asleep with more ease, sleep deeply and am dreaming again.”


Devang Patel – United Kingdom

“Have been trying for few days and am feeling bit better.”


Rick Beneteau – Canada

“The clarity and sense of well-being are unbelievable! You feel your body is being richly nourished! Nourish the world!”


Christophe Lecroard – France

“In a week, I regained form, energy and tone thanks to Prodigy-5. This is the perfect addition to my daily diet. With Prodigy-5 I felt the difference from the first day. The quality of my sleep has greatly increased, my daily energy also. One feels the energy. One thinks faster, feels fit and ready to do lots of things throughout the day. More efficient than coffee! Refreshing and healthy, Prodigy-5 is practical thanks to this small pouch that can be brought everywhere with you. I can enjoy in a bottle during a session of sport, Prodigy-5 is my new favorite drink.”


Paul Ayala – United States

“I love Prodigy-5! Every day I look forward to taking it and I’m not a pomegranate kinda of guy so that says alot about the taste. For me, sleep quality has been the most improved. No more snooze button. No more morning fog. Thank you ForeverGreen.”


Hulliger Peter – Switzerland

“I take Prodify-5 each day. I am much more alert through the day and sleep much better at night.
My snoring and vision have also improved.”


Alphonse Sauer – Germany

“I take Prodigy-5 every day in the morning after getting up. My concentration is getting better, and my eyesight seems better.”


Joan Moore – Canada

“My husband and I have been using Prodigy-5 since its launch. It has kept us from getting sick through the holiday season when several family members were ill with colds and flu. It has enhanced our mood and given us a brighter outlook on life through the gloomy months of winter. His vision has improved. Not bad for a 71-year-old! Thank you Prodigy-5.”


Claudia Ruhe – Germany

“I have not experienced winter ailments that I usually get despite frequent contact with sick people.
Prodigy-5 is simpy super.”


Helga Gerl – Austria

“My girlfriend is usually very tired, and needs a lot of sleep. She has been drinking Prodigy-5 for a month. Already after 14 days she feels fit and in a better mood and full of energy. Michaela is now sleeping better. This is simply sensational.”


Kerstin Aigner – Austria

“I have been drinking Prodigy-5 every day. I’ve noticed that my hair has become less brittle and my fingernails have become harder. Even at night, I’m now more relaxed, and have more concentration.”


Ilana Cohen – Israel

“I love Prodigy-5 and use it daily. It is the best supplement I’ve ever used. My eye site has improved as well as my sleep. Overall I feel energized and happy.”


Andreas Feierabend – Switzerland

“The first 2 weeks of trying Prodigy-5 I’ve had so much energy I almost couldn’t sleep. I feel that my body works more efficiently, I haven’t had any sickness since I’ve taken it from the first time.”


Monika Schaer – Switzerland

“I’ve already felt a change after a short time of using Prodigy-5. My concentration has improved, I work with more focus and efficiency. I am very grateful to ForeverGreen for this product and this fantastic business opportunity.”


Bruno Minster – France

“I have been using the Prodigy-5 and have felt a renewal of energy that I could feel very quickly. Thanks Prodigy-5, Thanks ForeverGreen”


Veronique Brezot – France

“Since I’ve been taking Prodigy-5, my vision seems to be improved, and have had no need to always look for my glasses because I manage to do without them more often. I have less tired eyes at the end of the day and I can read more.”


Papp Tímea – Slovak Republic

“My father has been taking Prodigy-5 and his eyesight has improved. We love the ForeverGreen products.”


Avigdor Jacob – Israel

“I have been consuming Prodigy-5 for a month. My eyesight seems to be improving and I feel more energy and am focused for longer periods.”


Tatyana Kovalchuk – Ukraine

“As a new mom, of course, I feel tired, stressed, etc. I started to drink Prodigy-5 and I felt better almost immediately. After a few more days, I felt my mood improved. With a baby, I have to wake up constantly feeding during the night, but with a Prodigy-5 it has become much easier. For now I do not feel constantly squeezed like a lemon, on the contrary I have more energy.”


Zuzana Uherová – Slovak Republic

“My husband’s vision seems to be improving.”


Kevin Burrows – Bermuda

“I have been using Prodigy-5 for several weeks. I use Prodigy-5 for our men’s soccer team before game and at half time. The team is energized and it shows in their performance as the game gets closer to the end. A product to share with everyone you come in contact with. Lives that will be changed with this is amazing product and the opportunity is second to none.”


Norbert Burkardt – Germany

“My energy is inexhaustible. Prodigy-5 is a great product. Thanks a lot to Dr. Ambati & Dr. Saucedo. Welcome Home Forevergreen. Thank you all.”



Stephanie Macula – United States

“I love my Prodigy-5. I work in a busy customer service job and need to be healthy, sharp and focused to manage my team. I love my routine every morning with Prodigy-5 and feel great and focused and know that with each dose of Prodigy-5, I have tons of nutrition in my body to help me through my day! It tastes great too.”


Valerie Montigny – France

“Hello, my dad is 77 years old. I brought him the Prodigy-5 and 2 days later he was in super form.”


Louise Henry – France

“My customer reported to me that she feels more energy, more concentration, and has clear vision thanks to Prodify-5.”


Louise Henry – France

“My customer reported to me that she feels more energy, more concentration, and has clear vision thanks to Prodify-5.”


Steve Dowden – Australia

“I have been taking Prodigy-5 for about 6 weeks now and wow! The benefits are really taking place. More energy, great feeling of wellness and awareness, clear vision and focus and heaps of other little things that are noticeable by the day. A full night’s sleep without interruption is a great plus. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Feels like my body is invigorated every day. I’ve even gone back to playing drums in a band – something I haven’t done for about 10 years. Absolutely love the product.”


Wilma Lott – United States

“I love Prodigy-5. Recently I noticed renewed energy. Normally, around 4 in the evening, I would get so tired, I would have to lay on the sofa for about an hour then and only then could I get up to do things. I noticed recently that along about the evening time I didn’t feel so tired and could make it staying up till bedtime. Thank you Prodigy-5.”


Candi McKee – Canada

“Since taking Prodigy-5 I have long enjoyed more energy, better clarity (the fog has lifted), better sleep (I sleep through the night), clearer eyesight (I can read again without my eyes watering and burning), and motivation I’m loving it!”


Darin Longley – United States

“I’ve been taking Prodigy-5 now for 2 months.
I use only one packet in the morning. I have energy all day long. Most importantly I feel healthy! Everyone at work got sick, I did not. Also, my night vision is great.”


Guy Tenbouret – France

“I am happier with my close-up vision and I seem to use my glasses less! I feel an even stronger and more constant energy, and I also have the impression of having a better sensation of flavors and smell.”


Bernhard Ambroz – Austria

“For 2 months, I drank Prodigy-5 daily. It makes me feel more awake and I seem to have more concentration. My hair seems thicker and stronger. Also, I noticed that I seem to see better at night when driving. The oncoming cars do not blind me anymore and the general visibility has better.”


Cynthia Todd – United States

“I love knowing that I’m putting the best nutrition in my body to give me better health every day.”


Laara Exsnar – Canada

“My workouts feel more empowered. I feel more alert and clearer on what I want to accomplish. I am ordering more today–wish it would arrive faster! EVERYONE can use this product–we all could use better nutrient absorption! PS: It tastes great–I’ve never loved water more!”


Charis Stylianou – Cyprus

“I’ve been using Prodigy-5 for 2 months now and I noticed that my hair has become stronger, not falling out as much as before. It feels thicker with more volume and healthier. Thank you ForeverGreen for this amazing product! :)”


Neville Roper – Canada

“I just celebrated my 95th Birthday, and I am leaving on a road trip to Vancouver Island soon. I began taking a double dose of Prodigy-5 in December and have enjoyed greater eyesight. In 6 weeks, I feel great and I am “good to go” for many more healthy years.”


Wendy Olaya – Ecuador

“I started taking Prodigy-5 three weeks ago. It’s amazing how my memory seems improved for numbers. Before Prodigy-5 my brain was tired trying to remember numbers, codes, etc. I had to write it down or see it several times. Well now, I remember better. I also feel improved vitality and like long walks, etc. I love it!”


Jacqueline Van der Horst – Netherlands

“Since I drink my Prodigy-5 every morning, I feel more energy. I feel much younger than I am because I drink Prodigy-5 every day. Thank you, Ron, for this amazing product! I Love it!”


RuthClaude Mounette – Guadeloupe

“I felt I was in a “fog” before beginning this wonderful product. After two weeks of Prodigy-5, my life view is much clearer.”


Idit Dagan – Israel

“I started using Prodigy-5 two months ago when I was experiencing some health challenges.
I didn’t feel any change at first. But after ensuring I continued to drink one packet each day and during a physically and emotionally stressful trip, I still had energy and alertness and a good sense of sensitivity.”


Mbajja Abubakar – Uganda

“It’s so exciting. I’ve been using Prodigy-5 for last the 3 months and it’s an amazing product. I’ve had great improvement with my life vision and I feel energy throughout the day. I’m energetic and feel so healthy. “


Scott Balph – United States

“I’ve been using Prodigy-5 for a little over 3 months now and I feel and am seeing great.”


Galina Gunina – Russian Federation

“ Hello! My son and I have used Prodigy-5. I work at school, and the load on my eyes is enormous! The most amazing and wonderful thing is that I now have less tired and refreshed eyes.”


Birgit Höftberger – Austria

“Since my pregnancy I felt a bit run down. Now, I have been drinking Prodigy-5 and my eyes and body feel so great. I am so thankful, thank you!”


Pointl Margarete – Austria

“My mind and eyes have improved clarity, how the fog has lifted. I cannot describe this feeling!
Replenish with nutrients every day.”


Eva Maria Breitwieser – Austria

“My husband tells me he feels much calmer. It’s as if my whole body has gone back to normal. I cannot express it differently. I feel more energy.”


Association Mirabili – France

“Our association takes care of elderly or isolated people and I have tried the Prodigy-5. After a week, one of our members, Evelyne told me that since she took the Prodigy-5 she had a better morale and that everything was better in her life. Thanks to ForeverGreen for giving us the means to improve the lives of others.”


Eva Parmaktsidis – Germany

“I take for 3 weeks and have more energy.”


Agnes Gremillot – France

“I’m a 56-year old nurse. I run up two or three floors to visit my patients. My night visibility for driving is better and I am no as longer tired despite my twelve hours of work. Bravo Prodigy-5.”


Helmut Wilting – Germany

“My vision has improved. Thank you for this great product.”


Rimma Borokhov – United States

“My lovely auntie came over Saturday afternoon, looking a bit tired. I was drinking my Prodigy-5. I shared some and she later asked for more. She said she was feeling so much better.
Thank you for making this great product available for us to help other people feel better.”


Una Fester – Canada

“I have been taking Prodigy-5 since it became available. I find that my posture is much improved. My energy level surprises even me too. I was walking my 10,000 steps per day with some effort. I now walk between 12,000 and 15,000 steps per day without much effort. My highest has been 17,000 steps in one day. I also find that I am able to accomplish more. Things I had been putting off for a long while are now getting done! Love the product!”


Herbert Ponte – Chile

“Since I’ve been using Prodigy-5, I feel very active and a sense of optimum well-being, I am active, I have more mental clarity and I have seen an improvement in my skin. Thanks Ron, for supporting us with revolutionary products!”


Jan Rozendom – Netherlands

“I had some skin issues. After only 10 days, all has been improved. Great!”


Dianne Stanton – Canada

“Loving the results of these very handy – All-in-One Vitamins. Never again all those bottles: counting/arranging + swallowing again. A few sachets in my pockets for any time… Travels anywhere!
Always an extra one to share. Thank you ForeverGreen!”


Deborah Davis – United States

“Prodigy-5 is so convenient. I take the packets with me to work and mix it with water at the office. It gives me energy and helps me focus on my detail-oriented profession.”


Thomas Reubert – Germany

“Those who know nothing must believe everything. Just try reading. Therefore, I take Prodigy-5. By reading on the subject I spoil my body daily with these miracle molecules. Reward: Pure physical well-being! Happiness is doable! Energy is feasible! So give the body all essential substances or nutrients and it will give you everything you want: health, happiness, energy. Thank you for my new life and a new lifestyle.”


Karin Zatta – Germany

“Since I’ve been taking Prodigy-5 my eysight has improved a lot. I see everything clearer and more intense. I love this product because I know that I am well covered every day regarding my vitamin and mineral diet. Thanks, ForeverGreen for this unique product.”


Dirk and Kerstin Oelrich – Spain

“Prodigy-5 on the rocks! We are enjoying it after breakfast as well as in our sunny afternoons with cold sparkling water on ice… Love it!”


Evelyne Dupaquier – France

“While taking Prodigy-5 I quickly found that when I was driving at night, I was no longer dazzled by the headlights and high visibility of the road. Before Prodigy-5, when I would go walking, even the slightest breeze, ray of sunshine or brightness, brought tears to my eyes. Now, my eyes do not water anymore. Congratulations, Prodigy-5 is great.”


Margitta Langkowski – Germany

“I am just thrilled by Prodigy-5. I have been taking it daily for weeks. Not only do I have the feeling of seeing more clearly, but my vision has improved. I am very amazed and joyfully surprised. Thank you Prodigy-5. Thanks, ForeverGreen.”


Gunilla Ritzert – Germany

“My husband and I are enthusiastic about Prodigy-5. We have more energy during the day, it’s also much easier to work. Thank you, Prodigy-5!”


Svetlana Potton – United States

“I work as a registered nurse, with a 10 hour shift. I take my Prodigy-5 in the afternoon, when my energy starts “crashing”. Within 20 minutes my energy returns smoothly (not like a coffee jolt) and I finish my shift with ease.”


Gina Amit Levy – Israel

“I enjoy Prodigy-5. I’ve lost weight. Thanks ForeverGreen for the opportunity.”


Michelle Allen – Canada

“My husband and kids got sick and I am normally the one that gets sick, but because of Prodigy-5, I never got sick! I love it!”


Anna Grinberg – Israel

“Prodigy-5 is a great product. I feel great and I’ve noticed my skin has been improving. Thank you”


Cora Mossel – Netherlands

“With Prodigy-5 I have more physical energy and mental clarity. I fall asleep more easily and I have more energy. I am happy with the results Prodigy-5 gives me.”


Beáta Vasas – Slovakia

“Since January, I’ve been consuming Prodigy-5 every day. My nails have improved, they do not break and I notice that my hair does not get greasy so quickly. I have more energy, I feel very good. I enjoy ForeverGreen and its products. I am very grateful.”


Eurico Lopes – Portugal

“I’ve been taking Prodigy-5 since the beginning of the year and the results are incredible. For over 20 years I have been working with computers on a regular basis. Consequently, my vision has been damaged day by day. Today my vision is much better. In relation to my general well-being: I feel very well! My whole family has already made Prodigy-5 a routine. Thanks to ForeverGreen.”


Vaggelis Misiros – Greece

“I have been using Prodigy-5 for 45 days and I feel unbelievable. Thank you very much”


Gaele Wilkie – Canada

“I have been using Prodigy- 5 since it first arrived in Canada and will never be without it.
It is truly amazing! Thank you so very much to our wonderful doctors and staff at ForeverGreen for this fantastic product.”


Carl Hebert – Canada

“My daily morning routine is that I have a Thunder shake with Prodigy-5.
I feel greatly improved, I feel strengthened.”


Rosa Mendes – Mexico

“I’ve been taking Prodigy-5 for a few weeks and the main aspect I’ve seen improved is in my digestion. I have far less discomfort after meals.”


Joe Mittermeier – Austria

“I am 72 years old and have had vision issues for about 25 years. I’ve taken Prodigy-5 for about 3 months and my vision is getting better and better. I also have been night driving without problems. Thank you Prodigy-5″


Kai Struchtrup – Germany

“I drink 2 Prodigy-5 daily and my eyesight seems improved.
I can clearly see better and am sure that in time a further improvement will adjust.
Furthermore, my concentration in my daily work day is even higher and my performance in sports has increased. I recommend Prodigy-5 to everyone.”


Luisa Gavazza – Italy

“I’m really excited about Prodigy-5! After less than two months my vision is clearer. Besides, my eyes are no longer fatigued, even if I work all day at the computer! Thank you Prodigy-5!”


Annie Sofocleous – Cyprus

“I’ve been drinking Prodigy-5 for the past 3 months, and I never actually imagined that my eyesight would improve! The last month I’ve noticed that I could see the leaves on the trees clearly whereas before I would only see a green mass, without my glasses. I’m super excited to spread the news, this is unreal! The future has arrived! Thank you Dr Ambati, Thanks ForeverGreen!”


Peter Kusyn – Slovakia

“For the last 3 years, I have stayed in bed a lot. When I started using Prodigy-5, I immediately felt improvement. My life is now much better. Thank You ForeverGreen.”


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